Know about Norwegian medical insurance

The Norwegian lifestyle is perceived as desirable because inhabitants of the country perfectly balance their work routine and personal life in a relaxed manner. The country also attained a seventh place in the list of happiest nations, other than this they maintain the most satisfactory healthcare system. Therefore, foreigners get treated in hospitals incredibly. If you intend to stay in Norway then it is essential for you to explore relevant insurances in Norway to pick the appropriate one. Foreign and Norwegian residents automatically get registered into the healthcare scheme and treatment varies based on the region where you intend to live or someone is already residing. If you need guidance about the kinds of insurance that might be good for you to opt then go to and explore all insurance characteristics.

Universal healthcare

People think that healthcare facilities are free for residents of Norway because of their effective management and running while this is not the circumstance. Yes, it’s free for people below age 16 but above 16 years to pay through an exemption card. The 8 to 9% of total salary is the grant rate which people get from a national insurance policy. The government distributed prescription expenses in two categories white is the kind which is not covered and blue is the kind which is partly or fully covered under the national insurance arrangement. If the yearly expense of white prescriptions surpasses $204.14 (NOK 1927) then you can get a subsidy which will make it inexpensive.

Medical insurance for foreigners

Medical insurance is necessary to opt for when you are planning to extend your stay in Norway for a longer duration, this is because most of the time the companies where they work do not cover their medical expenses. Expatriate insurance is a yearly renewable significant medical coverage that delivers an increased medical policy and includes dental treatment, maternity, repatriation, urgent medical evacuation, wellness checkups and life insurance. The extent of coverage varies based on the kind of insurance vacationers purchase, besides that the market providing private insurance to foreigners is small. This is because most people get covered for additional medical expenses under the insurance arrangement of the government.

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Private Medical Insurance

No doubt the health system of Norway is functioning incredibly but vacationers go for private insurance to reduce the wait time. As under the national insurance arrangement people have to wait for almost four weeks which is quite a long waiting period. People opting private checkup option versus those who prefer the public checkup option receive the same kind of quality of the treatment. While the delivery is easy for females because the government bears the entire expense no matter what kind of coverage the female is enrolled for. It is observed that various companies retain their foreign employees by giving them private insurance and using it as the foundation to reduce sick leaves.


You must adopt an effective medical insurance plan based on your requirements and for that critically check the functionality of public and private plans.

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