KFPS will accept remotely

KFPS will accept remotely

KFPS On-Site Inspection. Photo: Adrian Mendersma

The KFPS judges will not get on board this year to judge foreign horses. This means that there are no inspections in North and South America, Mexico and South Africa. The alternative for members of the Book of Horses abroad is a video assessment of the Book of Horses of the Pony. Mares can still be included in the genealogy book via video.

The Inspection Panel and the Board of Directors do not hold it responsible for allowing jurors to travel by plane, given the current situation with respect to Covid-19. Since the KFPS is one book in common, judges are usually flown in to judge horses bred overseas. Inspections are carried out regularly, particularly in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia. Since the end of 2019, no inspections have been carried out there.


Therefore, it is not possible to visit countries where it is possible to travel by plane only for the purpose of inspection. As a result, the planned inspections in America, Mexico and South Africa will not take place. Responsibly accessible EU countries by car will continue. This also applies to Great Britain, where the boat/train offers a solution.

protocol in making

In order to meet the need to include pony book mares in the horse book to some extent, KFPS has devised an alternative in the form of video assessments. These mares do not receive a premium or bond, but can be listed in the genealogy book. In this way, KFPS wants to offer its foreign members an alternative to continue breeding in their own country. Work is underway on a protocol that videos must adhere to.

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Source: Phryso / Horses.nl

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