Kees is looking for a friend to play Alvorn

Kees zoekt een maatje om op de alpenhoorn te spelen. Foto: Omroep Gelderland

“Put on another cardigan,” Sack murmurs as he enters a shed. “My wife doesn’t want me to dirty my clothes and take everything home. I’m always covered in wood chips.”

Not only does Alvorne’s sack play three to four meters long, but he also makes it. Filled with focus, he cuts the wood beam while sawdust sticks to his jacket.

Alvorne is a reference tool from the Alps. They were used to communicate with each other in the mountains. Each note represents something. For example, farmers could relocate to each other if they need help with a sick animal, for example.

A group of wind players

“We’ve been on vacation a lot in Austria and Switzerland and I’ve always liked it,” Kees continues his story. ”Then a guy from Switzerland gave me some notes to play. But I didn’t have any teammates to blow them together yet. Because playing with this instrument is so much nicer. You can blow on it. At all different heights. In the end I brought a group of three people together to blow them together. “

New blazers

Kees carefully removes the split furnace from the car and crushes it. Together with fellow jacket millie, they walk towards the Rhine to play outside with each other. After setting and tuning, a heavy horn reverberates over the water.

“So we were always playing with the three of us, but unfortunately one of them pulled out a few weeks ago. That is why we are looking for a player to blow the furnace. You don’t have to be able to play yet. That will come naturally. You have to train your jaw to be able to blow well. And it takes a lot of training.

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Whether you can play or not, everyone is welcome. do you want to? Click here and let Kees en Melie know.

See below for the item in which Kees tells his story.

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