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Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers (2) points in the second half of the NBA Conference semi-final basketball game against the Denver Nuggets Thursday, September 3, 2020, in Lake Buena Vista Florida (AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill)

Mark G. Terrell / Associated Press

Ie and all meaning is dedicated to 120-97 Los Angeles Clippers The win over the Denver Nuggets should also be held Thursday night with some measure of moderation. Explosions identified before the fourth quarter cannot be the norm in this series, not in the second round, and most certainly not in the Western Conference.

This particular finding was largely given before the opening advice – if not fait accompli, then almost certainly close to it. The last time he played the Clippers was on Sunday. It makes sense that Kawhi Leonard (29 points out of 12 out of 16) was in his bag.

On the other hand, Nuggets managed to have seven physically and emotionally stressful matches with Utah Jazz, as they needed to come back from a 3-1 streak deficit. They last played Tuesday night, less than 48 hours before their opening advice against Los Angeles. The face of Murray’s beauty Actually it blinked When he realized how fast he had to turn Denver.

Burnout may not be a universally accepted excuse, mostly among the crowd you want, but burnout is, basically, a contributing cause. Supports Nuggets’ 1 game progress equally.

They went bucket versus bucket with the clippers in the opening frame, and took it at 31, but the 38-20 attack in the second quarter in favor of Los Angeles opened things up forever. Coach Mike Malone left waving the white flag by the fourth quarter.

For Nuggets, in the wake of their surrender, this series begins, mainly, on Saturday night. They find the clippers win, which isn’t perfect, but it does form a framework around which they can rally – an interpretation of what just happened. This context is important, for now, and it will continue until Game 2 ends.

However, the annoying, uncomfortable and seemingly reductive question remains to be asked: What if it didn’t happen?

The clippers didn’t come out of nowhere. If they’re not the banned favorite, they’re among the top two. (Shouted at the possible internal meltdown of the Milwaukee Bucks.) It just isn’t possible that they peaked in time. probably.

Nothing sums up this growing escalation, if inevitable, better than Patrick Beverly’s comeback from a left calf dynasty after appearing only once in the first round. His play during Game 1 was not as symbolic as the fact that he played it at all.

The Clippers spent the entire season waiting to sniff out his full strength. If they are not waiting for someone to recover from the injury, they are waiting to be discharged Paul GeorgeDisney World jumper, except that it totally didn’t matter, because they were always waiting for someone to recover from an injury.

Not anymore.

Beverly Returns is the Clippers' peak post-season symbol.

Beverly Returns is the Clippers’ peak post-season symbol.Mark G. Terrell / Associated Press / Associated Press

Beverly played a little over 12 minutes against the Nuggets, but it was impressive. He hit some trios (two), grabbed many rebounds (six) and made sure, as always, to feel his presence at the end of the defense. And most importantly, it represented the full availability of the Clippers, a comeback that felt like an arrival given how rare a complete list was at their disposal.

The starting line-up that they deployed in Game 1 – Beverly, George, Leonard, Marcus Morris Sr, Ivica ZiwiPeak – recorded a combined 165 minutes during the regular season and matches. This hardly arrives at any time at all, even when calculating that Morris has hit the trade deadline.

Clippers aren’t technically complete yet. Who knows when Beverly will be the green light to play more minutes. His last appearance came before Thursday more than two weeks ago. The weight of the conditioning is as heavy as its injury itself.

However, for the first time in a long time, and possibly ever, the Clippers have come close to action with their full arsenal of weapons. They are playing basketball with a match.

Leonard’s post-season tournament is well established, but even as he claimed his second and final tournament last year, he was struggling with knee injuries. This is without a doubt the healthiest he has looked on since before his first right quadruple injury with the San Antonio Spurs. He scored a qualifying average of 32.3 points on 64.5 percent of an impressive inside-arc shot, including an Unrealistic but somewhat real clip of 59.4 percent over two outside the restricted area.

George received the M treatment for much of the Clippers battle in the first round with the Dallas Mavericks. No one was laughing anymore – except perhaps. His shot is still touch-and-go since his blast in Game 5 vs Dallas (2 of 7 from Deep vs Nuggets), but his defensive drive holds up, and it’s up to the task of guarding almost anyone, even if anyone includes Nikola Gokic:

Morris continues to compete in the less glamorous ending, and most importantly, he begins to look home in the Los Angeles attack. He nearly doesn’t have the ball in his hands like he did in New York, but he takes up a role that gives him a circumstantial license and tasks him with dropping triples. He has gone 4 out of 5 from long range in Game 1 and is now a crazy 18 of 31 (58.1 percent) three times in the playoffs.

Zubac has mostly moved his feet well out of the paint. Never before encountered in any Dallas front court alignment, that streak has so far extended to Denver. Gokic didn’t come close to being devoured and spat out.

Good luck to the backup VIPs at Nuggets, specifically Mason Plumlee, as they try to figure out how to handle unrelenting Montrezl Harrell. Lou Williams appears to be eating measured doses throughout the series. Then Jamichal Green. This is. This is the sentence. It is extremely solid and mostly brown to withstand any repetitions of Nuggets on the floor.

Clippers complete again, or maybe the first time.  Either way, that's bad news for everyone else.

Clippers complete again, or maybe the first time. Either way, that’s bad news for everyone else.Mark G. Terrell / Associated Press

Denver might bounce back in Game 2 and beyond. May get. Murray would shoot better. Jokic will release better. Michael Porter Jr. will definitely shoot better. Big Nuggets won’t cut 9 out of 36 (25 percent) in distance every night.

Structurally, the clippers are designed to withstand any punches Denver throws. Long before now, they had an air of absolute power over them, even when they weren’t fully engaged. They will still have those games where they will not be completely suffocated. The goal that is chasing them is debatable, but there’s a chance that it isn’t at all.

What was before the domination is incomplete now, well, it is over. This is unmistakably terrifying.

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