Kane and Neville started the Netherlands’ chances in the European Championship

Kane and Neville kick the Netherlands' chances in the Euro

The Netherlands and Ukraine played the most exciting match of the European Championship so far on Sunday evening. The first half ended without goals for the Orange team, with a score of 3-2.

After the first half, the Netherlands led 2-0, but Ukraine played more than 10 minutes. In the 85th minute, Frank de Boer’s team won the Super Denzel Dumfries title.

Kane and Neville talk about European Championship expectations in the Netherlands

“They were so much fun,” Roy Keane told ITV, quickly dismissing the Netherlands’ chances of winning the tournament for a second time.

“We had good leadership to see him here. In terms of entertainment, but the Netherlands are behind, Ukraine are behind and we forget about it in the final stage of the tournament – the real big teams will find them.”

“They found a way to win, but what is frustrating and annoying for me is that we are talking about the state of the team, but it is about international footballers who do not master the basics of football.

Gary Neville had a similar view.

“They can get a little bit of confidence, but it looks like there’s still a lot of work to do to get that framework to play against the big teams,” Neville said.

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“It’s not enough for the individual players. You could say that some teams don’t have an organization, but then the individual players start doing something. They don’t really have the best players.”

“I’m with Roy, I don’t think they are. [going] There is no place for this match.

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