Kampong, Tilburg and Rotterdam are out

Kampong, Tilburg and Rotterdam are out

The cup adventure for the Kampung and Rotterdam men ended on Thursday evening. In the fourth round of the Gold Cup, they topped both major leagues against SCHC and Klein Zwitserland respectively. Tilburg was also knocked out after a spectacular duel with Nijmegen.

Kampong, not playing in his strongest formation, took a 0-2 lead in the match against SCHC via Janssen and Ties Ceulemans. After that, the Utrecht team had to succumb to the resilience of the host team, which is going through such difficult times in the Eredivisie major. SCHC responded with four goals in a short period of time and then kept a two-goal difference until the final whistle (5-3).

Rotterdam was no match for tiny Switzerland, who triumphed 4-0 in front of their home crowd. After a poor start to the competition, the Rotterdam team have to deal with another setback. At KZ, guard Jeroen Kerkmeer was under the bar. He made his debut in the main squad of the team from The Hague.

Party at Oosterpls

As Hurley and SCHC restored confidence tonight, ailing Tilburg took a major hit. The No. 10 in the Eredivisie was second to none in and against Nijmegen: the promotion division won 6-4, partly due to two defeats by Tijn Stuve and two by Jim van de Venne. Tilburg fought back three times, but ultimately failed in the fourth quarter.

Brabant’s encounter between Den Bosch and Oranje-Rood became prey for the home team. while in the middle Uttledonk About 25,000 people celebrated the start of the carnival, and goals Timo Bowers (2) and Head Barleyfleet secured a party at the Oosterplas.

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And the crushing game between Cartouche and HDM, two of the top teams in the promotion category this season, went amazingly well. The home team took a 2-0 lead, but the leader in the promotion category managed to turn the game around, in part due to two hits from Chris Taberima. The Voordaan promotion team narrowly beat Ede via a penalty shootout.

Fourth round results

bush – Orange and Red 3-0
Goals: Timo Boyers (2), Heidi Barlevlett

Nijmegen – Tilburg 6-4
Goals: Teigen Stoff (2), Marnix Brands, Kjell Packer, Jim Van de Veen (2) | Max Krift (2), Fabian Verzo, Rick Springers

Little Switzerland – Rotterdam 4-0
Goals: Nick Van Trijt, Nico Keenan, David Heusen, Tim Brand

cartridge – hdm 2-3
Goals: Boris Stumps, Joost Major | Chris Tiberima (2), Stijn van Pelt

gooische – Hurley 1-3
Targets: Foppe Houting | Dejan Huisman (2), Noam Sheridan

Naughty – HBS 2-4
Goals: Nils de Jong, Dirk van Niel | Bob Puig, Chill Molendyk, Boris Van Dyck, Tim Ossiwardi

helps – before* 3-3
Goals: Frick Schelkens, Lennart Bakker, Max Ostermeijer | Evo Visser, Thor Stadelmeyer, Eric Hammesth
* Winning on penalties (2-3)

SCHC -Kampong 5-3
Goals: Thies van Pelt, Cedric Teruel (2), Bram Wirz, Leon van Barneveld | Jeb Janssen (2), Tease Sollimans

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