Kamenga wins silver in 200m breaststroke, de Ward to European Championships and Games final | Spelen Olympic Games

Kamenga wins silver in 200m breaststroke, de Ward to European Championships and Games final |  Spelen Olympic Games

Arno Kamenga also won the silver medal in the 200m breaststroke at the European Championships in Budapest. The 25-year-old Katowiker was second with a time of 2.07.35 behind defending champion Russian Anton Tsguibkov: 2.06.99. Kamenga previously took the silver behind Britain’s Adam Peaty who is nowhere near the 100th school.

The Dutch breaststroke specialist will compete in the 100 and 200 meters at the Tokyo Olympics next summer. Two years ago, Kamenga became the European School 100 and 200 champion at the European Short Track Championships in Glasgow.


Maaike de Waard confirmed herself to participate in the Olympic Games. The 24-year-old South Holland player has achieved the maximum backstroke of 100 meters at the European Championships. With 59.76, De Waard qualified not only for the European Championship final, but also for the games in Tokyo.

“Finally,” said De Ward. “That took a long time. But the fact that she is so successful now here in the European Championships makes her very nice. It will be my first 100m final. I will enjoy it and see if I can shake off a bit of my PR. She gave me that medal from Wednesday at 1950s confidence that my level is in good shape. It helped.”

De Waard remained below the required level of 59.90 for travel to Japan. She qualified for sixth place in the comeback 100 final on Friday night. Kyra Toussaint, the 50th European full-back who was already certain to enter the Olympics 100 and 200 meters with a backstroke, scored the second time in the semi-finals with 58.73. Only Scotsman Kathleen Dawson was faster (58.44).

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Toussaint won the gold in the shortest distance on Wednesday, ahead of Dawson (silver) and De Ward (bronze). The 26-year-old from North Holland was on his way to some time in the semi-finals of a 100-back to improve the 10-year-old European record for Britain’s Gemma Spofforth (58.12), but Toussaint lost some pace in the final metres.

In the non-Olympic 50 butterfly race, Nils Korstanje (23.34) qualified sixth for the final. Thom de Boer did not succeed with 23.51. The defending champion Andrei Govorov of Ukraine was the fastest in the semi-finals: 22.97.

Mike de Ward. © AFP

Mixed relay team wins silver

The Dutch mixed relay team won the silver in the 4x100m medley. Kira Toussaint (rear), Arno Kamenga (school), Nils Korstanje (butterfly) and Femke Heemskerk (free) had to endure only the British. She meant the Orange’s seventh medal this week at the Donau Arena.

In this mixed track, teams consist of two women and two men. The participating nations can decide for themselves how to divide the portions among their four swimmers. As a rookie swimmer, Toussaint competed against Russian Kliment Kolesnikov, among others, the world’s fastest man in the 50m backstroke. Halfway through the final of a 4×100 substitution, the Orange team was at the back, but Korstanje made up for much of the deficit in a butterfly and Heimskerk took the silver as the last swimmer, behind the British team of Kathleen Dawson, Adam Petty, James Gay and Anna Copkin.

Ranumi Kromoidjogo (50 players free) and Kira Toussaint (50 backyard) took gold at the European Championships this week. Silver went to Kamminga (school 100 and 200) and the relay swimmers in 4×100 were free. Mikey De Ward took bronze in the 50th minute.

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Kira Toussaint, Fimki Heemskerk, Nils Korstanje and Arno Kamenja.
Kira Toussaint, Fimki Heemskerk, Nils Korstanje and Arno Kamenja. © AFP

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