Kamala Harris on the cover of Vogue: ‘Unprofessional and series…

Kamala Harris on the cover of Vogue: 'Unprofessional and series...

Kamala Harris, future Vice President of the United States, graces the cover of American Vogue. But it turns out that this is not the cover that the two parties have reached an agreement on. Moreover, many Twitter users found the final option a little tasteless.

Melania Trump didn’t get the cover as first lady, but now that a new administration has taken office, Vogue magazine Scouts are back in the White House. The cover of the February issue is honored with no honor other than Kamala Harris, the first female vice president of the United States. The photographer on duty was Tyler Mitchell, who in 2018 became the first African American to photograph the cover photo for the September issue of Vogue magazine He was allowed to make, in part thanks to the celebrity who then happened to be in front of his lens: BeyoncĂ©.

But opinions are divided over his photos of Kamala Harris. to me Huffington Post– The journalist referred to the magazine on the shelves with a “wrong” cover. According to him, Harris’ team had made deals with him Vogue magazine About the final photo, but editor-in-chief Anna Wintour eventually decided to publish a different photo, without informing Harris. This is not common.

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According to Ali, they both agreed on the photo showing Harris in a blue Michael Kors suit with a soft yellow-orange background. But in the photo that finally appears on the front of the physical magazine, Harris wears a black Donald Dale suit with her beloved Converse sneakers underneath. The background is based on the colors of her organization at Howard University. According to Ali it is unacceptable that Vogue magazine The photo was posted without Harris’ knowledge. He writes that the future vice president’s team was therefore an unpleasant surprise.

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Vogue magazine It was later reported in a statement. We chose this image for the printed cover, not for the online cover (The cover on which initial agreement is reached ultimately serves as the cover for the digital version, editor.), because we think Vice President Harris is well portrayed that way. Precisely because it looks very accessible and original, which is one of the spearheads of the Biden Harris administration. We salute both covers and don’t discriminate. For us she is equally powerful in both images.

Criticisms on Twitter

The fact that the cover was chosen at the end, in which the vice president was wearing sneakers, was also met with a lot of criticism from Twitter users. Many consider it a dirty and unprofessional image. I would like to shoot again with my smartphone, I am absolutely convinced that the end result will be better than what we are now on a cover Vogue magazine To serve, someone writes.

Others criticized the design, lighting and choice of background. “Vogue magazine Know that Kamala loves her club, her tailored suits, her comfy pants, and all-stars. So it seems that for this wrapper, it’s got everything together. thus gives Vogue magazine The impression that they couldn’t decide whether to go to a fancy hair salon or to the Senate or to run,” it seems, among other things.

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