Kaag dances on the table in D66: “Happy for the floor raised” | The interior

Kaag dances on the table in D66: "Happy for the floor raised" |  The interior

“I see the confidence we have received as D66 as confirmation that we are the only progressive party that has had an impact in recent years,” Kaag said. “We take this confidence very seriously.”

At the same time, Cag sees the need to collaborate, also with the VVD of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who has also made a profit. She adds that policies must be “more progressive, fair and green” than the past four years. But: “We have to take our partners into account.”

MP and campaign manager Shord Shordsma is happy because the ground is holding on, he says, because there have been “big jumps up and down.” He talks about a historical finding and “silver with golden luster.” The happy campaign manager speaks of a campaign of optimism and communication. According to him, Kaag has placed the whole Netherlands under the magic of “its humanity and its ideals”.

“There was some skepticism about the new leadership and I understand that,” says Shordsma, referring to the CAAG campaign slogan. “It’s quite demanding.” Even if two or more seats are omitted from that expectation, it’s a historical finding, according to Shordsma. He prefers not to see this result change anymore. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re taking this polling day poll categorically.”

Exitpoll marks a blow to the left-wing opposition parties

Elsewhere on the left, heavy losses are expected, as with Jesse Claver’s party and Lillian Marijnesen’s party. The three left-wing opposition parties GroenLinks, SP and PvdA appear to be heading towards a major defeat, according to the first poll on the ballot. GroenLinks and SP both lose six seats. PvdA remains the same in nine seats.

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For party leader Lillian Marinesen of the Socialist Party, the Ipsos Exit Day poll on behalf of NOS is a bitter pill. This is her fourth election defeat since taking office in 2017.

In the previous elections for the House of Representatives, GroenLinks rose sharply. Four years ago, Jesse Claver’s party moved from four to fourteen seats. The party then participated in the formation discussions after the elections, but it went wrong a few months later. Claver describes his election defeat as “agonizing”, but he does not want to draw any conclusions from it yet. “It’s still too early for all kinds of analyzes.” He wants to stay as the head of the group. “This result also means that the colleagues will not return, and this is painful.”

Stable pt

PvdA had a tough campaign. A few months before Election Day, Ludwijk Ashcher resigned as party leader. And so he extracted the consequences from the benefits issue. Lillian Blumen succeeded him, but that did not give the party additional seats. Earlier, the party was light on earnings in the polls.

The margin of error in a poll on polling day is two seats.

Ouwehand considers polling day poll “extremely optimistic”

Party leader Esther Uyhand of the Party of Animals said the first poll was “a very hopeful message”. In it, the party rose from five to six seats. But in the second polling day poll – announced after the conversation with Oyhand – the party remained in five seats.

Six seats would be the best ever result for the party, Ouwehand told NOS. “We have shown ambition.”

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Ouwehand also thinks D66 will win big, because this party also wants to drastically change the livestock rearing by cutting the livestock population in half.

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