K-pop star Eric Nam to debut in psychological thriller ‘Organ Transplant’

K-pop star Eric Nam to debut in psychological thriller 'Organ Transplant'

Korean-American singer Eric Nam will soon debut in a new American movie. organ transplant It follows a group of surgeons who do their best to maintain their impeccable reputation.

K-pop artist Eric Nam will make his acting debut soon. Nam has been active as a singer for several years and also does podcasts. Now he will take his first steps in the world of acting and will immediately do it in an American movie.

organ transplant

The movie will be named organ transplant It is described as a psychological thriller. In the movie we follow Juna Yeon (Eric Nam). He is a senior surgeon in a prestigious hospital where he works under the supervision of Dr. Edward Harmon (Bill Camp). Harmon is a heart surgeon with a solid reputation and is committed to preserving it at all costs.

In addition to Eric Nam, we’ll also see Bill Camp in the movie. You may know him from his role as Mr. Shaibel on Netflix Queen’s gambit. Also, Michelle Okyung Lee (mandala), April Grace (injuryand Adam ArkinFargo) has already been confirmed for the movie. Filming has already been completed, but there is no release date yet.

Eric slept

You really can’t call Eric Nam a K-pop star. He was born in the United States and was discovered after a cover went viral on YouTube. Then the South Korean channel MBC invited Nam to participate in the talent show Star Quiz: The Birth of a Great Star 2 In 2012. He finished in the top five, but was awarded a contract with B2M Entertainment. He made his first solo debut a few months later.

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Eric Nam’s latest album “There And Back Again” is the first album to be released under his own brand, named The Eric Nam Company. Eric Nam has been a freelance artist since last year, when his contract with his second agency CJ ENM expired. This also gives him the freedom to try new things, like acting.

The Nam representative explained on Instagram how the singer managed to score the role. At a dinner last year, Eric Nam mentioned that he’d like to try acting. During his tour, he had the opportunity to audition for the new Jason Park movie. Nam filmed and edited his audition for his tour bus. And although he had to compete with experienced actors, he got the role. The recording was made right after Nam’s European Tour. Nam is really excited about his role. He tweeted, “I’m looking forward to making my acting debut as Juna Yeon organ transplant Along with some great cast and crew! In the tweet, he also thanks his fans for their understanding as he had to reschedule some of his tour dates to shoot the movie.

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