Just like VVD, CDA first wants a “good conversation” when officially changing gender

Just like VVD, CDA first wants a "good conversation" when officially changing gender

Like alliance partner VVD, CDA also wants to first have a “good conversation” with someone who on paper would like to change his or her gender in the municipality.

The bill should ensure that 16-year-olds can legally change their gender from M to V or vice versa. In this case, they no longer have to issue an expert statement. Now on you. Parliament debates this law.

Transgender people must wait only four weeks after submitting the application for the decision to be carried out. From now on, children under the age of sixteen can change the registration, but this must be done through the courts.

The VVD and CDA do not agree that the procedure will no longer contain any guarantee of due diligence. They do not find a conversation with an expert (eg a doctor) because it is still necessary to be a ‘patron’. Transgender people say they experience this themselves.

CDA wants to protect transgender people from ‘light decision’

According to CDA MP Raymond Nobbs, the conversation “does justice to the importance of choice.” It’s protection against a potentially trivial decision, he says.

For the two coalition parties, it’s not about a medical conversation about gender identity, but about good information about the consequences of this “long-range choice.” Supporters of the amendment see this as opening the door to a solution.

The VVD and CDA want to know from Minister Franc Weerwind (Legal Protection) how he sees the possibility of an additional guarantee. Until then, the two coalition factions had yet to decide whether they would support amending the law.

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It is especially important that VVD, the largest party, achieve a parliamentary majority. ChristenUnie’s coalition party against the bill. Weerwind will answer many of the questions, comments, and doubts in the House of Representatives at a later time.

Parliamentary majority of the law is uncertain

Many political groups have reservations about young children. “Gender identity still fluctuates with them,” Nobbs said, and so he sees the need to be extra careful. Proponents believe that fathers play a protective role in this. D66 wants to go further and does not want a judge to interfere in the case of children under the age of sixteen.

Proponents of D66, PvdA, GroenLinks, PvdD, Volt, BIJ1 and possibly SP emphasize that this is a minor management change compared to the current situation.

Opponents see significant social consequences. They refer to fraud, abuse and harm to women who may experience inconvenience and insecurity as a result.

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