“Jürgen von der Lippe” gives his fans a wonderful Easter gift

"Jürgen von der Lippe" gives his fans a wonderful Easter gift

Jürgen von der Libby, former German comedy professor – today lays two big eggs in the nest of his fans. Tonight he plays in the “Contest Without Borders” for Germany and at the same time prepares his individual program “How do I say …?” Available on YouTube – 2.5 hours, no censorship!

The competition is limitless

Jürgen von der Lippi is in good company tonight at the ARD European Grand Prix. He plays for Germany, Silvia Maes for the Netherlands, Dagi B for Poland, Alvaro Soler for Spain, Giovanni Zarella for Italy, Skydee Monte for Great Britain, Martina Hingis for Switzerland and Thomas Moster for Austria. In the end it will appear which country will be the winner.

Celebrities play for 50,000 euros that goes to charity in the winning country. Jörg Bellawa will again be directing the famous puzzle show, with special guests David Jarrett and Alexander Kumptner. The match will be broadcast simultaneously in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today begins 04/03 2021, 8:15 PM Ersin time

How do you wean ..?

Jürgen von der Lippe – at least in theory – could get more attention with her Easter YouTube rendition. The Old Master writes in the advertisement: “On Saturday, April 3 at 8.15 pm, I have prepared a little Easter surprise for you, looking forward to the uncensored theater program -“ How do I say …? After all, that’s 2.5 hours of entertainment and the evening is sure to be the best.

In the one-on-one program, a German studies graduate mocked the dangers of the German language and the absurdity of everyday life. There are meet-ups with old friends like Bad Grandpa or Kummerkasten-Kalle. Musically speaking, Jürgen von der Lippe also laughs at his fans. How did he say himself before? My best program so far. Just crazy. a look! ‘

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