Jumbo-Visma trainee Thomas Gallag wins stage four of the Tour de l’Avenir

Jumbo-Visma trainee Thomas Gallag wins stage four of the Tour de l'Avenir

Jumbo-Visma trainee Thomas Gallag wins stage four of the Tour de l’Avenir

Monday August 22 2022 at 15:17

Thomas Gloag won stage four of the Tour de l’Avenir. The Briton, who is currently a trainee at Jumbo-Visma, defeated Adam Holm Jorgensen and Michelle Heisman in a three-way race. Casper van Auden sprinted to fourth. Gloag is also the new leader thanks to his victory.

The fourth stage of the 142.8-kilometre Tour de l’Avenir appeared to be intended for the attackers. After starting in Saint-Sévère-sur-Indre, I went over the rolling roads to Chaillac. There were two Class 4 climbs along the way, after which the riders had already passed the finish once after more than 82 kilometres. West Chilac they then made a loop about sixty kilometers long, which included a Class IV climb. The line was drawn again upon the arrival of Sinister.

Harmless early flight
Although the course provided opportunities for fugitives, today’s holiday was not too dangerous. Only three riders escaped: Rafael Pereira Marques (Luxembourg), Maximilian Schmidbauer (Austria) and Thomas Schellenberg (Canada). Two of the riders, including Felix Stehle (Switzerland), who showed himself earlier in this Tour, counterattacked. However, the duo ended up in a fries chase and would eventually return to the peloton.

This peloton, where the regional selection of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes set the pace for rating leader Jordan Labrousse, at first let it take its course. The three in front of them were allowed to take four and a half minutes. But in the middle of the race, that gift started dropping. The action took place in the stern: a group of eleven passengers separated themselves. No fewer than four Dutchmen: Axel van der Tuck, Enzo Legens, Rick Bloemers and Casper van Uden.

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New leadership group, four Dutchmen
They were joined by Thomas Gallag (Great Britain), Sebastian Kolze-Changesi, Adam Holm Jorgensen (Denmark), Michel Heisman (Germany), Maximilian Kapas (Austria), Mats Wenzel (Luxembourg) and Soren Reinskold, who completed the first stage on Friday. had won. The counterattacks quickly closed the gap with the original runners – with about fifty kilometers remaining. The French had missed the battle and chased after. Meanwhile, there was a crash in the peloton, which also involved Labrosse. The ranking leader will eventually come in behind and lose his shirt.

Up front, the collaboration deteriorated somewhat, so that the contestants were caught again at one point. However, there was a new gear up front. As a result, the lead grew again, but it also led to some riders being overtaken. Ten drivers remain, and there are still four Dutchmen. At one point they had nearly a minute on a thin peloton.

race with three
In the end, the splinter group split into two. Three knights escaped and took the fight to victory: Jorgensen, Heisman, and Gallag. The Dutch were surprised. Gloag showed himself the strongest in the race to take the win. Jorgensen came in second, and Heisman finished third. Van Auden sprinted from behind to fourth.

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