Judith Meng is a new member of the RPO Supervisory Board

Judith Meng is a new member of the RPO Supervisory Board

Judith Meng joined the Supervisory Board of the Regional Public Broadcasting Corporation (RPO) on November 1. Meeng’s focus is on the areas of Human Resources, Communication, and Diversity and Inclusion. On the recommendation of the Minister of State for Education, Culture and Science, Ming was appointed by royal decree for a five-year term. Judith Meng has been championing gender equality and inclusivity for many years, both in her work and in her extracurricular activities. She comes from an international business where she worked as a Director of Human Resources for many years.

“I am honored to be able to contribute to the ambitions of the RPO and thus the Thirteen Regional Public Broadcasters,” Meeng says of her appointment. “I’ve always had a great affinity for journalistic newsgathering. This goes back to my student journalism days where I was active in student journalism as editor-in-chief of an association magazine. A lot has changed in the digital age, but it’s crucial that good information has great democratization.”

Maria Hennemann, Chair of the RPO Supervisory Board: “We are delighted with the arrival of Judith as a new member of the Supervisory Board. For the future, RPO has focused on diversity and inclusion, among other things. In addition, all plans in the franchise policy plan require a comprehensive knowledge of change management. Her expertise in these areas is of great value to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.”

Judith Christine Meng MSC (1961) succeeds Babette Alberts, who is stepping down as a member of the Supervisory Board at her own request in her second term. Meng has lived and worked in the United States, Norway, Romania, Papua New Guinea, and Taiwan. She studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Meeng is also a supervisor at the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Salvation Army and PC Uitvaart.

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On the basis of the Media Law, the Regional Information Office is the cooperation and coordination body to carry out the mission of the public media at the regional level. Regional public broadcasters bring distinctive regional journalism and are cultural transmitters to the region. Announcers see what is happening in the capillaries of the region, control the force and contribute to the strengthening of communication in the region. Through their public media, they reach a large and wide audience.

The RPO Oversight Board consists of Maria Hennemann (Chair), Roeland Stecklenburg, and Judith Meng.

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