Jubilees KPS Honored for 35 & 40 Years of Service – Suriname Herald

Jubilees KPS Honored for 35 & 40 Years of Service - Suriname Herald

On March 26, the Suriname Police Force (KPS) honored the police officers and civil servants, with 35 and 40 years of service, who made a significant contribution to the realization of the policy set out in the KPS. 61 anniversaries were honored.

The head of the Surinamese Police Union (SPB), who is also the interim chief of civil servants, Chief Inspector Raul Hellings, spoke of the staff’s dissatisfaction and the treatment they received in the last period. Hellings also discussed employee appreciation.

Police Chief Roberto Brady implored that this Jubilee celebration is a catalyst for the structural appreciation of employees. The union leader seized the opportunity to ask the Minister of Justice and Police (Goosball), Kenneth Amoxy, to call the Civil Workers Union to do the things they were entitled to do.

Not only was the president of the union, but the minister and chief of police also indicated that police officers and civil servants are important in the organization. The police chief also agreed on the difference between civil servants and police officers. Both Chief of Police Pride and Minister Amoxy discussed the important role that civil servants play within the police organization.

The Chief of Police believes that serious consideration is being given to the appreciation of this group. He also looks forward to inviting the Minister to provide the best possible for them in recent years, which is still celebrated in this jubilee.

Personnel policy of the Ministry of Justice and Police not only focuses on the performance of the employees but also on the reward and appreciation of the employees. You deserve special appreciation for your contribution, ”Minister Amoxi addressed the celebrations.

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A less interesting development for a minister was the knowledge that people had not been promoted for nearly fourteen years. The Minister indicated that he is looking forward to nominations from the Force to formalize it all.

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