Joost de Lange explores the internet world with their first single

Joost de Lange explores the internet world with their first single


The release of the single is related to this time. Joost: “We don’t have a lot of shows. We usually sell a lot of CDs at shows, so we thought we’d give it a try online. I’m not quite at home in the online world yet, but you keep learning.”

Joost de Lange Band is rock music with grunge and blues influences. Joost: “The musical parts, the singing, and there’s also a lot of annoying stuff. Love, fear, and uncertainty is so depressing.”

I try to give everything I have, live and in the studio.”

Just de Lange

This title seems to expose its soul to the listener. Joost: “I always try to do it. I try to give everything, both on air and in the studio. It’s good that it happens.”

Joost de Lange got good news this week. In two weeks they will start a short tour with shows in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. So the agenda is slowly starting to fill up again. Joost has been absent from the stage for the past year and a half: “Yes, of course, a lot has been canceled during lockdown. We’ve lost a lot. It’s the same for everyone, but it’s still bad.”

Joost de Lange tells the good news for the upcoming round

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