Joker Virus Returns: Suck Up Account Contents, Beware All This Android App

Joker Virus Returns: Suck Up Account Contents, Beware All This Android App – Android users are feeling unsettled due to the resurgence of the Joker virus attack which is hiding in many Google Play Store apps. Even this virus can steal the contents of people’s bank accounts without their consent.

Joker virus is a virus that steals money by making users subscribe to paid services without their consent.

Entrepreneur launch, Monday (23/8/2021), Joker virus re-attack has been determined based on an investigation by the Belgian police.

“This malicious program was detected in eight applications on the Play Store, which Google hid,” the Belgian authorities said in a statement posted on their website.

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How does the Joker virus work?

Joker virus refers to a family of malware referred to as Bread, which aims to hack mobile phone bills and authorize operations without user consent.

Researchers from the cyber security company Quick Heal Security, citing the statement, explained that this virus can enter text messages, contacts and other information on infected smartphones.

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What makes this malware even more dangerous is its ability to subscribe affected Android users to a paid service, usually the premium or more expensive version, without prior permission.

Initially, applications infected with “Joker” or other malware from this family perform SMS fraud. Then start attacking online payments.

Both methods take advantage of the phone operator’s integration with Salesman, to facilitate payment for services using mobile bills.

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Back on Google Play Store

The Joker virus became famous in 2017 when it infected and robbed its victims by hiding in different applications.

Since then, the Google Play Store defense system has removed about 1,700 apps containing the “Joker” virus before users downloaded them.

In September 2020, the ‘Joker’ virus was found in 24 Android apps that had been downloaded with over 500,000 downloads before they were removed.

At the time, the Joker virus was suspected to have spread to more than 30 countries including the United States, Brazil and Spain.

With unauthorized subscriptions and without the phone owner’s knowledge, hackers can steal up to US$7 (about Rs 100,976) per weekly subscription.

Immediately check for suspicious applications

The Joker virus hidden behind the app will blow your mind because they are able to automate payments without the need for any interaction.

“You risk a big surprise at the end of the month in your bank account or credit card,” Belgian police said.

So, Joker virus prevents users from knowing that their money is being stolen until they review their account details in detail.

This is because banks do not seem to be suspicious of “normal” subscriptions, and in general, the bills are very small. So it isn’t detected as unusual traffic, and it doesn’t even send usage alerts to account holders.

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To find out if your mobile phone has Joker Virus connected applications, immediately check the list of dangerous applications as follows:

  1. help message
  2. Object Scanner
  3. Fast Magic SMS
  4. CamScanner is free
  5. go messages
  6. super message
  7. Super SMS
  8. travel wallpapers
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In addition, cybersecurity firm Zscaler announced the names of 16 other applications that, according to its analysis, also contained malicious code belonging to the Joker Virus:

  1. Private SMS
  2. Hummingbird PDF Converter – Image to PDF
  3. Photo Collage Style
  4. Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
  5. paper scanner
  6. Every PDF scanner is good
  7. care message
  8. part message
  9. blue scanner
  10. direct messenger
  11. Single Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
  12. Mint Leaf Message – Your Own Message
  13. Unique Keyboard – Cool Fonts & Free Symbols
  14. Tangram app lock
  15. Desire to translate
  16. Precision Scanner

Android users are advised to check if your phone has any of these apps installed. If so, delete it immediately.

This is because the app remains on your phone even though the Google Play Store has removed it from the platform.

Source: (Author: Nour Vitreatos Shliha | Editor: Sari Hardianto)

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