Johnson & Johnson has to pay billions to convert asbestos into baby powder


Johnson & Johnson Medical (J&J) has to pay $ 2.1 billion to a group of women because baby powder from the American group is said to be carcinogenic. The United States Supreme Court ruled this after a lower court had previously ruled that the company should provide damages.

It involved twenty women whose powder was said to cause ovarian cancer because it contained asbestos. The amount J&J was originally required to pay was over $ 4 billion. But another judge assured her last year that the amount of compensation had been cut dramatically. J&J may have to pay more compensation for this issue later. There are still thousands of lawsuits pending from people with complaints about baby powder.

J&J, which is now leading the news mainly due to the coronavirus vaccine from its subsidiary Janssen, has stopped selling talcum powder in the United States and Canada. The company stated that it was a commercial decision to sell baby powder containing cornstarch only in North America.

Due to the controversy surrounding talcum powder, baby powder sales have completely decreased. About three-quarters of the baby powder J&J sold in the United States and Canada was actually made with cornstarch. Outside North America, this percentage has been reversed. Talcum powder remained on the shelves.

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