Johnny Depp surprises fans with a performance in the UK –

Johnny Depp surprises fans with a performance in the UK -

Rock guitarist Jeff Beck’s party attendees were shocked by what they saw when Johnny Depp took to the stage with his good friend to perform Isolation, originally performed by John Lennon. Beck and Depp re-released the song in 2020 and have now played it in a crowded house in Sheffield. This reports the Daily Mail.

In addition to singing during the performance, Depp also played the guitar, an instrument that brought him a lot of peace and joy in difficult times. That’s something he said in testimony he gave over the past six weeks in the lawsuit he brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard after she wrote an opinion piece condemning him in the Washington Post in 2018.

Reactions to Depp’s presence rained down on social media. One fan wrote: “Oh my God, Johnny Depp is here in Sheffield, playing his guitar. How?! I’m about to cry because he can relax a bit after all those weeks in court.” Another says: “Wow..what a nice thing. Johnny Depp comes to play with his friend Jeff Beck. Friday in America in court and here on Sunday. Give me this guy a drink!” Depp is also expected to join Beck on a tour to London in the coming days, although that has yet to be confirmed.


Last Friday, the legal teams of Depp and Heard held their closing arguments. Then the jury, considered decisive in the case, spoke to each other for two hours, but did not reach a final unanimous verdict. The judge allowed the jurors to go home in the late afternoon, only to meet them again in court on Tuesday morning, because Monday is a federal holiday in the United States.

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Although the general public seems to lean towards a positive statement for Depp, this is by no means a certainty. Within the framework of American justice, the jury must consider and judge the facts. And while Amber Heard may be less popular with the public than Depp, that doesn’t mean she can’t see things decided in her favour.

Depp sued his ex-wife for $50 million. Heard sues Depp for $100 million.

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