Joe Biden also sees the disappearance of paid parental leave from…

Joe Biden also sees the disappearance of paid parental leave from...

Senator Joe Manchin is eager to blow up paid parental leave from Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic program. It is the latest episode in weeks of feud between Democrats and two senators from their ranks.

It’s obvious to us, but in the United States, paid parental leave is far from a right. Joe Biden hopes to change that with his ambition Rebuild betterplan, but now that part of his domestic agenda appears to be falling apart as well. Senator Joe Manchin, a 74-year-old Democrat from West Virginia, opposes.

Manchin says that parental leave costs a lot and is also vulnerable to fraud. Under the Democrats’ proposal, blue-collar workers could rely on government benefits if their employer does not provide paid time off due to illness or pregnancy. will not happen, says the senator from West Virginia.

Manchin is probably the strongest Joe in Washington right now. As a Democratic senator, he decides whether Democrats have a majority in the Senate. They need that majority to make it happen Rebuild better– Approval of the plan. And so he knows how to play that situation perfectly with teammate Kirsten Sinema of Arizona.

Previously, investments in social issues and cheap college education have fallen. Cinema and Mansion have been elected in conservative states, thus benefiting from confronting the progressive wing of Democrats, who are pressing Joe Biden to push for far-reaching reforms.

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Looking for a middle ground

“If we’re going to do this, we have to do it right,” Joe Manchin told CNN. “I want to work with anyone as long as we can.” Manchin notes that Joe Biden’s plans will only increase government debt. Paid sick leave is also included under this scheme. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to negotiate another compromise. For example, parental leave has already been reduced from 12 to 4 weeks. But that doesn’t convince Manchin either. According to him, the paid leave has nothing to do with Biden’s expensive plans. “I won’t give up until this deal is signed,” Gillibrand said.

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The United States is the only country among the 38 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that does not offer any form of paid parental leave. In 1993, 12 weeks of unpaid leave due to illness or pregnancy were arranged.

Meanwhile, some countries offer paid parental leave, and companies also offer it as a perk. However, millions of Americans are still deprived of the cold. 77 percent cannot count on paid parental leave.

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