Joe and Jill Biden battle marital strife by texting: ‘We call it fexting’ | Abroad

Joe and Jill Biden battle marital strife by texting: 'We call it fexting' |  Abroad

Marital disputes in the White House are settled by text messages. For example, US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill avoid having to bicker in front of others. One problem: the messages end up in the historical archive.

This is what first lady Jill Biden told the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar† When Joe Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama, the couple decided to resolve differences by texting to avoid disagreement in front of Secret Service agents guarding the couple. When explicit sexting is now called texting, the Bidens call their texting quarrels sextingfighting by text message.

Having recently sent him such a letter in a fit of rage, he said to her, “Do you realize this is going down in history? There will be a report on this. The presidential contacts are kept for historical record.” “I won’t tell you what I called it at the time,” Jill jokes to axes.

First lady with a job

Jill Biden met then-Senator Joe Biden in 1975, and they married two years later. She is a teacher and continued to teach throughout his rise in national politics. She eventually became the first lady to work for wages outside the White House.

American next week Harper’s Bazaar From. According to the magazine, this is the first time in its 155-year history that an American first lady has featured so prominently in a photo.

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