Jodenbreestraat – Waterkant . has been ordered for sale

venters Jodenbreestraat

Street vendors at Jodenbreestraat in Suriname.

Street sale is being arranged at Jodenbreestraat in Suriname. Small entrepreneurs, also known as street vendors, received permits and badges with clear rules from the hands of District Commissioner Ricardo Bhola of Northeastern Paramaribo.

This process took months and was formalized in January 2021 when the mayor installed the Jodenbreestraat platform development platform. The platform focused on planning the Jodenbreestraat and realizing the vision for the development of this field.” It all fits in with the policy visions of DC Bhola, where economic development, urban beautification and planning are key.

In the case of the Jodenbreestraat, maintaining peace, order and cleanliness is greatly appreciated. Once the permits expire, the desired results can be optimally achieved. UNHCR or administrative officials will now be able to better monitor and maintain the situation at Jodenbreestraat. The interests of the new group of entrepreneurs are also protected by official permits.

Last Friday, more than 30 permits and badges were issued to stakeholders. This allows them to sell their goods legally. In addition to the capital and businessmen, ABOP’s Member of Parliament, Edgar Sambi, was also present when the permits were handed over.

The permits are valid for one year and can be extended at the Commissariat of Paramaribo Nord-Ost, provided that legal obligations are fulfilled.

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