Jim Carrey is the new James Bond thanks to the great deepfake technology

Jim Carrey is the new James Bond thanks to the great deepfake technology

Will Tom Hardy really be the next James Bond? While we wait for the official answer, helpful YouTuber has chosen Jim Carrey as 007 using deepfake technology.

After nearly a year and a half of delay, September 30th is finally coming No time to die from. The latest James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. He already said that قال a ghostIn fact, the actor claimed that he’d rather sever his wrists than play 007 again, but MGM managed to win him over in a major final.

Who is the new James Bond?

Now it’s already done. This automatically raises the question: Who will succeed Craig? Will you be a woman or a man? The betting shops have been operating overtime since 2018, which resulted in the top 5 favorites. Usually with Tom Hardy or Idris Elba in the lead.

Over the years, many experts, journalists, and actors have also contributed. George Clooney recently gave his view on the succession issue, and former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan also has a favorite character. Or does the new franchise owner choose Amazon as an unknown face? It keeps people busy.

Deep Fake: Spooky and Fabulous

Maybe we won’t get it until after the release No time to die To hear more official news. Meanwhile, relaxed YouTubers have fun waiting for you thanks to the magic of deepfake technology. Technology developed so quickly that we can build a reliable deep fake theory.

The stakes are enormous: in fact, you can’t trust any video anymore. For example, you can make the President of the United States say anything you want. By training the program on hundreds of hours of images, the computer learns exactly how the target’s face works, and therefore moves, down to the smallest detail. As a result, you can paste the face in question anywhere, or have it say whatever you want.

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Scary, as Arjen Lubach so aptly demonstrated, but for now we mainly see the fun and creative side of deepfakes. It has become a sub-genre of YouTube videos: channels that put actors in movies in which they are not officially at all.

Jim Carrey is 007

We’ve already seen Will Smith as Neo in The Matrix, Tom Cruise as Iron Man and Harry Potter with an American instead of the British cast. Especially in the world of Hollywood, where many big names are considered for great roles, it is an entertaining game what if…

Now we have a new gem. A YouTuber named Jarkan decided that no one but Jim Carrey would be the next James Bond. You can admire what it would look like below, thanks to the magic of the deepfake technique.

Sure, you could say it’s fake, but having a handy guy in his attic can come so close to full realism is as impressive as it is terrifying. The difference is only a small percentage and the average viewer has no idea they are watching a deepfake. Scary, but mostly entertaining. Check out our recent favorite deepfake below:

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Jim Carrey is the new James Bond thanks to the great deepfake technology

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