Jill Biden wears a jacket with a ‘loving’ message | abroad

Jill Biden wears a jacket with a 'loving' message |  abroad

Biden herself says she wants to bring love from America, but often the comparison is made with the jacket her predecessor Melania Trump wore in 2018 during a visit to the border with Mexico. The message was “I really don’t care, right?” It caused a lot of uproar at the time, because it was about an unannounced visit to a detention center where children who had been separated from their parents were being cared for.

Then the (social) media ran away with her. CNN called it an “unfortunate choice of clothing” at the time. The BBC’s Katie Kay took it even more difficult: “If she wears this without thinking, she is very deaf.” Although Jill Biden says she wants to show love through the message on her jacket, people on social media suspect she wants to criticize Trump with the text on her back.

This wasn’t the first time Biden had appeared in this jacket. As it did during the US elections. In addition, the first lady seems to like to communicate more through her clothes. During the same election campaign, she wore a shoe that read “Vote”.

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