Jennifer Garner’s Halloween participation is causing speculation of pregnancy – SheKnows

Jennifer Garner's Halloween participation is causing speculation of pregnancy - SheKnows

Well, celebrities and regular people on social media, we have the pressure to be smart about your pregnancy announcements. But the problem with these very subtle “expect!” The posts are that we’re starting to think they’re all over the place, as Jennifer Garner just discovered by chance. A pair of innocent pumpkins has become much more in fan imaginations.

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“When you and Jack lantern share a feeling,” Garner wrote on Instagram Sunday. The photo is of the actress and baby food entrepreneur smiling as she holds a pumpkin inside another. A large pumpkin is carved like home, with a smaller smile in the hallway. But some thought he was saying something more.

Melrose official responded to the post: “I thought this was an announcement of pregnancy for a hot second.” Hundreds of others shared to say they did, too. But Garner quickly set the record straight.

She replied, “You are still not having any more children.” “Good sadness, I didn’t even see it, I just saw identical smiles.”

People have been chasing Garner with speculation about pregnancy since the birth of her youngest child, Samuel, a full eight years ago. Because, really, why shouldn’t a uterus be pregnant any time? This would bother us less if people were constantly stalking male celebrities about the condition of their genitals.

Last year, Garner and Reese Witherspoon enjoyed another tabloid headline announcing that they were both expecting children.

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“Hey Jane! Can we raise our imaginative children together?” Witherspoon asked.

“We will be the most beautiful fairy family !!” Garner replied. “I will go ahead and move on now.”

We just hope none of this means that Garner will hold back on sharing future vacation photos with us, or describing how hot her pants are. Usually Uncensored Jennifer Garner is Jennifer Garner’s best.

There are many reasons why people may keep their pregnancies private. We are grateful to those famous parents who talked about their miscarriage.

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