Jean, Mark and Females

Jean, Mark and Females

Mark Parsons, Britain’s from the US, looks set to be the national women’s soccer coach. If the man always with the orange men has always been the national coach, honesty requires the orange woman to become a woman. You might think that women’s football is not the Dutch business community as there are fewer women in the top positions (four) than men called Peter (five), but unfortunately, in women’s football as well, it seems the best woman is a man at the top. put.

The fact that the monolithic committees tend to employ candidates who resemble committee members has already been proven by mounds of studies. KNVB management consists of six men and one woman. Those responsible for appointing the national coach are Niko Jan Hogma and Jan Dirk van der Zee. Jan is Peter from the KNVB business community and with Mark as the national coach, Jannen appears satisfied.

It’s hard to believe that KNVB couldn’t find a suitable, available woman in the Netherlands, but it didn’t work out when they turned their sights across national boundaries, she should be a feminist. Really, there will never be a single soccer coach on the entire planet that would fit a shoe? Does anyone have the desire and ability to work with the precious metal of the European champion and vice-world champion? Grand? How is this sold internally? We don’t know that. It is not known who was on the long list, or who made the short list or not. Jan and Jean make decisions just like the other Mark: in the back rooms.

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The KNVB set of requirements for the new national coach has left three potential female candidates in the Netherlands. The two of them weren’t even close. One of the requirements is that candidates have obtained or are in training for the Paid Football Coach Diploma. When Vera Pauw registered for the course in 2004, she was frustrated by the KNVB staff themselves; You won’t need certification, but it will replace the man. Bao threatened to go to the Equal Treatment Commission and was accepted. She succeeded, and with the highest marks.

If KNVB’s Jannen still wants to consult some studies after reading this slash, I would recommend a study that was done in the US after universities had to introduce sports to women, which means more money has gone there. The percentage of female trainers decreased from 95 to 43 percent. Men came and got jobs, although they were mostly mid-level men and never got a job in menswear.

If KNVB is to uphold its traditional female discouragement policy by hiring a man as National Coach, I know a much better candidate than JanPeterMark overseas. We have a Dutch player who has experience as a national coach and handicapping women, and he also has plenty of time, because he is not allowed to go to Tokyo. Not surprisingly, he came from gymnastics, as long as he’s a man. We’ll take Vincent this time.

Carolina Trujillo clerk.

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