Japanese player Naomi Osaka wins her fourth Grand Slam title | Australian Open

Naomi Osaka (23) confirmed her new status as a pioneer in women’s tennis with her second Australian Open title. In the Grand Slam tournament final, she ousted Jennifer Brady (25) from the United States. Osaka has previously won the US Open twice. “We’ll often play games like this,” he said, comforting her opponent after that.

Nerves in Brady

Six months earlier, Jennifer Brady (25) and Naomi Osaka (23) served three fiercely fighting groups in the semifinals of the US Open. Osaka won again, but this time she didn’t have to go deep into New York.

He was the first Japanese player in a Grand Slam final for the fourth time, Brady for the first time. Nerves have clearly played tricks on her.

In the first group she was still under control. Brady, who has been under strict quarantine, did what she had to do to make things difficult for Osaka. She swapped out pretty well, let the top favorite part move and came out with a handsome lead.

In addition to all this good, she had to limit her mistake and this was Brady’s shoe. When I served 5-4 to stay in the group, I was hit with two double mistakes. Then Osaka shoots the net: 6-4.

Jennifer Brady

Jennifer Brady crosses herself really well, but she can’t control her mistakes.

Osaka rushes into Group 2

The second set started disastrous for Jennifer Brady. Her service suffered and Naomi Osaka made good use of it. In a short time she was leading 4-0.

Brady fought back on the scoreboard, but putting her opponent in trouble was no longer an option. The 25-year-old American lost her first Grand Slam final 6-4 6-3.

Osaka won the Australian Open for the second time (after 2019). She was also a two-time US Open winner (in 2018 and 2020). Was the new Serena Williams born? On the hard court she can definitely call herself the new “leading lady”.

Naomi Osaka

The loot in Naomi Osaka.

Osaka vs Brady: “We still play games like this.”

Naomi Osaka’s victory in the championship also has a Belgian twist. Her trainer is Wim Viset. Previously, he led Kim Clijsters and German player Angelique Kerber to success in the Grand Slam tournament.

“I would like to thank my team, this one is for you,” said Osaka, who played the final with a crowd in the stands. “Thank you for coming and watching. It gives us a lot of energy.”

Opponent Jennifer Brady also received due attention from Osaka. “After we met at the US Open, I knew you were going to make it difficult for me and proved me right. It’s great to see you grow. We will definitely play more matches like that.”

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka wins the Australian Open title.

Brady congratulated Osaka on her turn: “You are an inspiration. I hope many young girls see him.”

Then the American turned to her mother. “You are probably crying in front of TV now, but it shouldn’t have been this time. Hopefully there will be more to come,” said Brady, who will appear in the top 15 women’s tennis list next week.

Mom, you might be crying now.

Jennifer Brady

Winners of the Australian Open over the past ten years

  • 2012: Victoria Azarenka (Russia).
  • 2013: Victoria Azarenka (Russia).
  • 2014: Li Na (Chen)
  • 2015: Serena Williams (VS)
  • 2016: Angelique Kerber (DUI)
  • 2017: Serena Williams (VS).
  • 2018: Caroline Wozniacki (Dunn)
  • 2019: Naomi Osaka (Japan)
  • 2020: Sofia Kenin (VS)
  • 2021: Naomi Osaka (Japan)

Justin Henin won the championship in 2004, Kim Clijsters in 2011.

  1. 11 am 03.4-6, 3-6: Osaka won a second Australian Open. is over. After twice in the US Open (2018 and 2020), Osaka is now also 2x on the honor list at the Australian Open (2019 and 2021). .
  2. 11 a.m. 01.4-6, 3-5: Is Osaka ending now? Brady refuses to give her up again and returns to 5-3. Osaka will serve the tournament in a minute. .
  3. 10 a.m. 55.4-6, 2-5: spoils approaching. Another match and the fourth Grand Slam title will be played with Naomi Osaka. The mesh tie isn’t helping her, Brady does. A sloppy shot from America gives the Japanese a 5–2 lead in Group 2.
  4. 10 am 52.4-6, 2-4: Brady is back. Brady confirms her Rimonte. A good post should give her confidence. .
  5. 10 am 49.4-6, 1-4: Brady replies. Jennifer Brady doesn’t just give up. 25-year-old American who takes her discount from a point on the character. .
  6. 10 AM 46.
  7. 10 hours 45.
  8. 10 am 42. 4-6, 0-4: Brady is in danger of capsizing. Things go from bad to worse for Brady. The American piled up mistakes and also lost her second serve in the second set. There’s no doubt that nerves in her first Grand Slam final are playing on her with a few tricks. .
  9. 10 hours 36.4-6, 0-3: ace. With Ace, Osaka imposes one set bonus and three matches. .
  10. 10 am 35.4-6, 0-2. Brady continues to behave uneasy and immediately finds himself in trouble at the start of Group 2. Osaka leads a breakout lead: 2-0. .
  11. 10 am 28.4-6: Osaka win. The first set in Naomi Osaka. Number 3 in the world puts his opponent under pressure and the American surrenders. After a ball into the net, the score is 4-6 for Osaka. .
  12. 10pm 22.4-5: Handsome Lube. With a header, Brady scored his best point yet, but that wasn’t enough to confuse Osaka. The Japanese maintain the lead. .
  13. 10 AM 7 PM. 4-4: Brady cleared the stop point. Brady aunt tough. She won the longest match of the match by eliminating a break point. .
  14. 10 a.m. 3-9: Brady fights back. Brady leads Osaka and moves in turn at the Japanese dispatch. After that, the American also won her service game. It’s the same again. .
  15. 9 a.m. 3-59: Brady double faults. Naomi Osaka achieves the first lead in this final. Thanks to Brady’s humble serving – with two double faults – I ran 1-3. .
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