Jankovi? returns to Orange

Jankovi? returns to Orange

Former Olympian Jasmina Jankovi? (35) has returned to the Women of Orange as a goalkeeper coach.

The former international strengthens the national coach’s crew, Per Johansson. Next week, the Netherlands will play a training session in Denmark where, in addition to their home country, they also train with Norway and Switzerland.

Jankovi? is still held by Frisch Auf Göppingen between 2019 and 2021. After that, she stopped and also joined the staff of the current second Bundesliga club in Germany.

Guest coach at Handball Academy
A few weeks ago, Jankovi? was a guest coach at the HandbalAcademie, after which the ball started rolling at Pappendale. “Obviously I made a good impression at the time, because in the follow-up conversation the offer was made to become a coach for the first-team goalkeeper. I was tongue-tied. It’s a very nice surprise,” Jankovic said.

Jankovi? was under the crossbar 98 times with the Dutch national team. She won a silver (2016) and a bronze (2017) medal. Jankovi? also competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

EC in November
Next week, Jankovi?, who will not be working with the stand-up Tess Wester, will be joining the Orange squad. After the Golden League, the national team will show itself at the European Championship in November.

Photo: Tina Kalthof

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