Janie and Kane: Vacation in their village

Janie and Kane: Vacation in their village

Posted on July 9, 2021

They are having a delicious meal on the quayside in Klein Groningen. Between their ship Jacoba and the border of a beautiful flower blooming. However, they are not ordinary tourists. Janie and Ken Copeland live a few miles away. “Mar de Turfroute farre wy all jierren wool in kear.”

They love water and regularly try to get out with their boat. But their presence on De Twa B zorgken’s care farm is often necessary during the day. Then we’ll solve that. And when it gets wetter, get your heels at Fekânsjegefoel quickly,” says Jani. “This chokehold between Klein Groningen and Dunkerbrück has always been beautiful.” They also find the way to the private Gorredijk. Other tourists on boats sometimes look for the number of locks and bridges, he believes. Janie and Ken say that’s awesome.” “Turfroute offers fans the best rides, all jeerren.”

And along the way, there is always room for private contacts. At the Gorredijk Lock, for example, they recently talked about the small Australian flag on board. Ken: “They asked about our relationship with Australia. This is me, I’ve been born in Melbourne and Holland since 1993. Turns out that woman was also born in Melbourne. And very special, they recently moved to Wijnjewoude.”


The Klein Groningen district has officially had a tourist facility since this spring. At De VoorUit, named after the former dairy factory, pedestrians, cyclists and boat tourists can take a break and use the toilet and shower. At the same time, the building serves as a meeting point in the neighborhood. Open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, it can be read on the posters behind the window. On the wall of the room are old pictures of the village and the factory. On the counter are brochures that invite this week’s evening bike ride and an overview of the dates of the village’s flea markets.

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Janny, who has also been a member of Local Interest Wijnjewoude for many years, thinks it’s a beautiful building, an asset for the boat tourist who wants to stay here overnight. As a consumer, she also has some constructive criticism. “I know it’s there, but on slices of oanles and no wool, what’s better. Deere is a fule mir as I’ve been on his ears, I’ve eaten Moment’s Tink Gee Hajir Unkom.” You pay for the toilet and shower with a QR code. Jani wonders if every tourist with boats knows how to deal with this. “I really want some more rites.” And as a final point, Janny will also find an asset if there is a possibility of water filling at the pier.

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