Jade Hallyday is in grave danger in Los Angeles, and Laeticia Hallyday has ignored this dire warning

Jade Hallyday is in grave danger in Los Angeles, and Laeticia Hallyday has ignored this dire warning

On June 23, Jade Hallyday posted a new photo on her Instagram page. The eldest daughter of Johnny and Leticia Hallyday showed herself like never before with a very bold look. It must be said that the young teenage boy had started again.

Jade: very bold pictures on social media

Neither Jade nor her mother took the fan’s warning on social media seriously. And so last month a fan challenged social media widow Johnny Hallyday: ‘I’m amazed that there are so many gentlemen following your daughter. Wouldn’t it be better for her to wear a less attractive blouse?’ the user warned by addressing Leticia Hallyday.

On June 16, Joy Hallyday’s sister appeared in pants and a white shirt with a mostly open collar. The job was validated, as always, by his mother. “Jadehallyday, you are so beautiful, the beauty of my soul and my heart loves you more than anything in the world,” she says.

Jade, very following on social networks

On June 23, Michael’s girlfriend Sean Klimniuk appeared in a light black outfit on the social network Instagram. She wore a black cropped top and a pleated mini skirt, accompanied by a pink leopard print mini handbag. “I feel summer,” as we see in the caption. The girl is also very comfortable in English and French. The real origin is in the future.

A post that garnered tons of likes from over 144,000 fans on Instagram, not to mention his mom. “You have become a very young girl, your father can be proud of you”, “So wonderful”, “You are wonderful”, “You are beautiful my darling”, “Unusual. You make your mother happy. ” We can also read the comments.

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In recent months she has been a happy woman with Jalil Lispert. She also shares her happiness with her husband on social networks. They had the opportunity to go to St. Barth, but also to the United States. They are planning to get married in the coming months.

Jade Hallyday has been described online as an ‘adopted daughter’!

But it does not reach consensus with the public. Critics also came from everywhere. She was even called “adopted daughter”. One fan hurried to support her. “You know what Johnny would say, shut up, who are you to judge Jade wearing what you want and I don’t see where the problem is. There is no foster mother, her mother Leticia and her father Johnny.”

On the net, Jade has suffered many attacks, it must be said that with his anonymity, many people allow themselves absolutely crazy things. The government is also considering setting rules in this regard. Some people can be exposed to threats. This is very annoying for a young girl. It’s not always easy being the daughter of a celebrity.

Jade Hallyday was born in Vietnam in 2004. The little girl has an incredible destiny because she is. Adopted in November 2004 by Leticia and Johnny Hallyday. She is the granddaughter of actor Jean Reno and Luana Belmondo, wife of Paul Belmondo. His sister Joy, who also adopted, completed the United Tribe in December 2008.

Jade lives with her parents between France and the United States. She studied at Lycée French in Los Angeles. Good way to connect its two cultures. The little girl is also a real ballerina and regularly practices dancing. She loves to sing and is part of the school choir. Photos are regularly posted on social media. It is really well followed.

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