Italy begins search for a new president without official candidates

Italy begins search for a new president without official candidates

The Italian Parliament met today as the current president’s term expires in 10 days. It’s a special procedure, he says Strinx† There are a lot of names in circulation, but they have to manage to get a large majority behind them.

Different moods are often needed to create clarity, Strynckx explains. “A two-thirds majority is needed in the first three votes. This is not easy. From the fourth ballot, a simple majority is sufficient. The first agreements and coalitions can then be signed.” It is clear that every voice counts from the fact that there is even access to infected organs.

The glue that unites left and right

Mario Draghi It is considered one of my favourites. He is the current prime minister in a government with a large majority. My drag is the glue that unites left and right. It is also a reassuring factor in Europe. He can reassure the financial markets.” After all, Italy still has a difficult path ahead: there is the epidemic, the economy is recovering, … “Draghi is a very stabilizing factor in an unstable country.”

Draghi is a great stabilizer in an unstable country

Do you consider his candidacy for the presidency a good idea? “The advantage is that there is still a stable government in power for another seven years.” On the other hand, Strinks emphasizes that the realization is growing that removing Draghi from the national level is risky.

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