Italian engineer Putin suspected of tax fraud and money laundering

Italian engineer Putin suspected of tax fraud and money laundering

The Guardia di Finanza It reported, on Wednesday, the preventive seizure of goods worth 141 million euros. Police said the merchandise, including luxury villas, a helicopter, bank balances, cash, jewelry and artwork by famous artists, belonged to a “known professional from Brescia” suspected of involvement in tax fraud, money laundering and fraudulent transactions.

Two sources told Reuters that he would be Lanfranco Cirillo, “Putin’s engineer”. His lawyer confirms this. The police opened an investigation into him when his Italian-registered helicopter was seen in Italy without the necessary papers. According to the police, Cirillo lived in Italy between 2013 and 2019, and therefore had to declare his income of tens of millions of euros there. But there was nothing to see on his tax return.

Cirillo’s lawyer, Stefano Lugacono, says his client has been living in Russia for many years and has been a Russian citizen since 2014. According to Lugacono, Cirillo, who is currently residing in Moscow, “is very disappointed by the fact that the purchase of some prestigious property and artwork in Italy , and his fears about his wife and daughter, are now used to claim that he was just pretending. “He moved abroad.”

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