It rains around Sydney, flood risks remain

It rains around Sydney, flood risks remain

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In and around the Australian city of Sydney, problems persist due to heavy rain. A total of 85,000 people have now been asked to leave their homes because the area they live in is at risk of flooding. As of yesterday, 55,000 eviction orders had been issued.

Satellite images now show that the rain area is moving away. According to the authorities, this does not change the fact that many rivers around Australia’s largest city (5 million inhabitants) are still at risk of flooding.

“This remains a dangerous situation and we must respond with appropriate measures,” said the Albanian Australian prime minister on a visit to Windsor, a suburb of Sydney. Albany also announced that victims will receive a one-time emergency payment of A$1,000 (just over €660).

Climate change

Sydney has now been hit by floods for the fourth time since March 2021. According to the Prime Minister, the floods and increasing bushfires in his country are evidence of the need to take measures against climate change.

“We are looking at long-term solutions,” said Al-Albani, who won the Australian election with his Social Democratic Labor Party at the end of May. “My government has changed Australia’s position on climate change since day one.”

Here are pictures from yesterday from Sydney:

Heavy rain, this is already the fourth time this year

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