It is, of course, a silly idea in a way. Jeppe and Rinke to Australia

It is, of course, a silly idea in a way.  Jeppe and Rinke to Australia

last week: After visiting the spa, Rink is in a bad mood. So now you might as well ask Charlie what’s on her mind.

‘Be normal! to Australia? with a pocket? Mara screams into the phone. In the background, you hear Rink Maud and Mary screaming. Since the Lowlands, they’ve been calling and texting almost every day. Rink wanted to share the important news directly with her best friend and new friends. When Rink told them the plans, they concluded it was a really nice idea.

It is, of course, a silly idea in a way. Jeppe and Rinke to Australia. But Charlie is determined to do so. He has calculated the costs and they can do it with a proper budget. Additionally, he insists that he pay Rinky and Jeep tickets. It is his idea and, moreover, his money. Since Rinke answered “yes” to his question, he had been busy preparing. In the bush on Fraser Island. Surfing in Byron Bay. And of course when visiting the famous Ayers Rock, they should definitely watch the sunset there. “A year is still a long time, isn’t it?” Rinke said. But she didn’t want to dampen Charlie’s enthusiasm too much. In love, she listens to him about the road trip he charted for her.

As Renke predicted, Wichard is less enthusiastic about his long-distance travel plans. He sees all the bears on the road again. From devastating floods, increased attacks by man-eating sharks, to the most dangerous snake on Earth that just slips out of the latrines. And whether Rink knows the duration of the trip to Australia. And all with Jeppe. No, her father did not like her at all. Rink gives absolutely no room to present her idea of ​​the trip. With Australia’s word it was immediately “No, that won’t happen”.

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Her father could stand upside down. She does whatever she wants anyway. She is mature and independent enough. Furthermore, he must have noticed by now that she doesn’t walk in seven locks at once. The thunder cloud above Rink’s head was getting bigger and bigger. Jennifer sees it. She winks Rinke.

‘I must go,’ says Rinke firmly. I have to finish an article by tomorrow. When Jeppe is asleep, I can write that right away.

‘On Sunday?’ This is too silly for words, isn’t it? You are a trainee, not a slave. Wichard is clearly grumbling. Coolly Rinke responded that she became very good at time management since the beginning of her training. She couldn’t help but prick again. Jennifer laughs.

In the meantime, Eef cannot be stopped. Now she also wants to go to Australia and end up in Witchard for vacation. Jennifer suggests it’s still a good idea. But Wichard doesn’t want to hear about it. ‘Okay, the year is still Wich away, now we can start saving… Where has your sense of adventure gone? We’ve always said that one day we’ll have a nice trip with Eve. How nice would it be if we could visit Rinke and Jeep Down?’

“We’ll see…” grumbles and scrambles. This time Rinke winks at Jennifer. Ive’s plan may work.

next week: Rinke receives exciting news in her internship.


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