It is now ranked fifth in terms of spam sources

It is now ranked fifth in terms of spam sources

In a statement, Kaspersky said that nearly half (45 percent) of global email traffic was spam in the third quarter. New search. Topping the list of “annoying countries” is Russia (25%), followed by Germany (14%), China (10%) and the United States (9%).

The Netherlands moved up to fifth place (5 per cent). In the first quarter of 2020 this was still 3.4%. At that time, the Netherlands was in seventh place in the world.

Notorious hosting providers

According to Kaspersky researcher, the main role of the Netherlands as a source of spam is Jornt van der Wiel, due in part to the large number of servers in our country and the reliability of the IT infrastructure. Relatively low operating costs also play a role. Local law seems to play a big role here – along with some notorious hosting providers – arguing that IT providers are not responsible for the content they host. In response, van der Wael said this means that organizing spam attacks is much faster and easier due to the lack of control and overview.


Many spam messages are intended to spread malware. In total, nearly 36 million pieces of malware were detected by Kaspersky’s Mail Anti-Virus in the third quarter. This is 1.7 million more than the previous quarter.

The most common malware is the Agensla Trojans, which aims to steal credentials.

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