Is “The Matrix Resurrections” a success in streaming and with illegal downloads?

Is "The Matrix Resurrections" a success in streaming and with illegal downloads?

The Matrix Resurrections also appeared on streaming service HBO Max on the same day of the theatrical release in the United States. It turns out that streaming numbers aren’t great. Director Lana Wachowski’s film has been a huge hit in internet piracy.

The first five days at the US box office were by no means a success. The film made only $22.5 million at the box office. The rest of the world fared better, with a fine of $44.2 million. This brings the total to $66.7 million. But the movie doesn’t seem to be a huge hit and is heading towards the red-themed “flip”.

Resurrection Matrix on HBO Max
Deadline Now reports based on streaming data from Samba TV that the new movie from director Lana Wachowski has been watched by 2.8 million smart TV families in the US on HBO Max.

The movie version was not as good as Godzilla vs. Kong, which debuted with 3.6 million viewers in the same period. however Resurrection Matrix It was worse than this monster movie, because it did well for $48.1 million at the US box office.

Apart from the not overwhelming box office and streaming numbers, Resurrection Matrix Success with online hackers. In the week of December 20, this movie was the most illegally downloaded movie.

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