Is the end of big tech looming? Is regulation on the way? – Blog

Is the end of big tech looming?  Is regulation on the way?  - Blog

In Europe in particular, more and more measures are being taken to enforce significant technology restrictions. The power of big tech companies has seemed limitless in recent years. It now appears that it is only a matter of time before this is over, as big technology is under a magnifying glass and increasingly challenged.

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Companies like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, and Meta (Facebook) are getting survey after survey. These companies have a dominant position in certain sectors and make optimal use of this as possible. You can’t blame them from a business point of view, but sometimes they push the boundaries of what is acceptable. Also, terms like abuse of power have become almost weekly and agreements and rules are not always observed.

In addition to Europe, you can also see that these companies are viewed more significantly in the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Many countries are already conducting investigations and some authorities have already imposed restrictions. However, it is expected that there will be many more regulations for these types of companies in the coming years.

In these Techzine talks, we’re looking at what countries can do to take control of big tech and what can change.

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