Is soy a good way to reduce the risk of breast cancer? Health after today

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Is soy a good way to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Date June 13, 2021 at 09:20

At present, in addition to the controversy that “How useful are soybeans for our health?” There is also a more interesting story, “Does soy really reduce the risk of breast cancer?” Absolutely

We often hear the pros and cons of soybeans. Although there has been research in the past to confirm this, soybeans are known to be a good source of protein. There are many health benefits. It’s also part of the diet that’s been around for thousands of years. But there are still many people who are confused about soybeans.

In this article Susan Borman The Senior Director of Global Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition highlights the nutritional benefits of soy. It is also interesting to allay concerns about natural foods and supplements that come from soybeans

Soybeans, a very nutritious bean.

Soybeans are full of nutrients in the five groups, as they contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron that strengthen the body’s immune system and prevent diseases such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and many types of cancer.

In addition, soybeans contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs. It is a high-quality protein equivalent to the protein from meat. It also contains a high percentage of unsaturated fats. Low in saturated fat, free from cholesterol and most importantly, soybeans are an accessible and inexpensive food source, making soybeans a healthy food. It also has nutritional value

Soy protein helps strengthen muscles.

When it comes to protein for building muscle, most people think of meat protein. Or whey protein but actually soy protein is also effective in promoting growth. It repairs various cells or worn out parts of the body as well but because soybeans contain plant hormones like isoflavones. or phytoestrogens Therefore, some male consumers avoid this because it is believed that it may lower testosterone levels. And it hinders muscle growth, which scientists came out to explain. The isoflavones found in soybeans, which contain phytoestrogens, are actually similar in chemical structure to the female hormone estrogen, but they do not give the same results and do not affect the lowering of testosterone levels, so soy protein helps build muscle. Maintaining muscle mass equivalent to protein of animal origin

Soy reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Soybeans contain many important substances that can prevent various diseases. Reduces the risk of cancer by acting against free radicals Inhibits the growth of tumors and cancer cells It is effective against estrogen-related cancers such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer.According to an Asian epidemiological study, soybean consumption has been found to be high since childhood. It can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 25% to 60%, the North American Menopause Society concludes. Soy does not increase the risk of breast or endometrial cancer.

Soy with your meal

As for eating soy in meals, Susan Borman added: Because soy has many health benefits. It is also easy to buy. It can be taken with meals every day. Therefore, we recommend samples of different products. Made with soybeans, such as edamame, and green soybeans. It is usually boiled in brine. Eat it as a snack or add it to soups and salads, as tempeh is naturally fermented soybeans. It looks like a paper packed with nuts. Tender meat can be cut into different pieces. Suitable for salads, stir-fry dishes, miso and fermented soy sauce. For making soups and as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings, and pickles. Soy milk is made by grinding dry soybeans. Mixed with water, which can be used in place of milk, it can be cooked or mixed with protein shakes, and soybeans can be used to make snacks. Tossed with salad or sprinkled in cereals Soy protein powders and meat substitutes Made with soy flour Powdered mixed with water Shake ready to drink. Or put it in oats. In addition, it can be replaced with different meats. Also on every menu, tofu is a cheese made from soy milk. They range from very hard to super soft. It has a delicious taste that goes well with well-cooked food.”

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