Iran is showing its power by hijacking an oil tanker and ramping up its nuclear program

Iran is showing its power by hijacking an oil tanker and ramping up its nuclear program

Elite forces have frequently confiscated oil tankers in the crowded strait in recent years. Al-Jaafari explains that this is also a show of strength and part of the growing influence of militants within the regime. By this he means the most confrontational camp loyal to the conservative line of spiritual leaders.

Al-Jaafari said: “It started after the United States, led by Trump, left the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Iran. The relatively moderate President Rouhani tied his fate in that deal. His popularity has since declined dramatically.”

The possibility of nuclear weapons a step closer

The rise of militants also explains why Iran is intensifying uranium enrichment, according to al-Jaafari. Five years ago it was agreed that a maximum of 3.67 percent of purity could be enriched just to generate nuclear energy. But the International Atomic Energy Agency confirms today that this limit has been officially exceeded.

Iran had already announced the move in advance and plans to move forward to 20 percent. It brings Tehran one step closer to developing nuclear weapons. This requires a purity of 90 percent.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that Iran plans to build nuclear weapons, which Iran vehemently denies. Netanyahu also said that Israel, which is itself a nuclear power, will not allow it. Brussels also condemned Iran’s provocation. The big question now is what will the United States do.

Bidens’ plan?

Trump exerted the most pressure on Iran during his presidency. Today it became clear that an additional aircraft carrier is being deployed in the Persian Gulf. Last week, B52 bombers flew over the Middle East as a deterrent. But what will Biden do when he becomes president on January 20?

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His team has already said that the Democrats want to return to the 2015 deal. But according to Jafari, who is also affiliated with Princeton University in the US, the terms are still unclear.

Foreign allies, Republicans and hard-liners within the Democratic Party are pressing Biden to agree only if Iran halts its long-range missiles, but this missile program is so important to Iran that this will not be an option, especially now that the Iranians are digging in the sand. With their nuclear program. “

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