iPhone13 leaked and when will Apple present the offer

iPhone13 leaked and when will Apple present the offer

Apple will launch the iPhone13 in the third week of September, according to a well-known technical analyst who claims to have seen the relevant notification received by the giant investors. And it was preceded by information that the company invited its employees to return to their offices for three days a week, starting next month, while a few hours ago, Lisa Jackson, one of the company’s executives, updated the profile on Twitter in a way that its followers were diagnosed that it revealed that this year’s show It will also become default. what did he do; change the picture, where the news comes from a place where Apple usually does videos of media events.

As in all other cases, in similar cases, there were some leaks that allowed the audience to inform the public of what was coming.

One example of this is the following video.

According to what was leaked, there will be four models again (iPhone 13, iPhone Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max). The size and width of all models will be the same, but the devices will be much thicker (0.2 mm) than devices similar to the iPhone 12. The way manufacturers have found to increase the battery capacity is to now complicate more. The processor is 25 to 30 percent more efficient/faster – something the average iPhone user needs to do 3 things in parallel with the smartphone. There is also information that storage will reach 1 TB – while the peak so far is 512 GB.

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Improvements have also been made to the screen (to improve responsiveness and “smoother motion content”), the three cameras will remain in the Pro versions, but they will be larger and will provide an improved result. Video portrait functionality has been added, as the Pro also has a second-generation LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scanner – which is said to take photography and video to the next level in autofocus and augmented reality. The biggest change with previous iPhones will be in the size of the notches, with the 13 being the first to have the narrowest yet, while Face ID’s point of identification remains where it was – at the top.

Along with the iPhone13, the Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3 and 9th generation iPads are expected, along with the latest MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, Mac Mini, and iMac.

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