iOS 15 weather app makes Buienradar and Buienalarm redundant

iOS 15 weather app makes Buienradar and Buienalarm redundant

Apple announced the release of iOS 15 for the iPhone earlier this week. What you won’t recognize anymore is the weather app. It will look really cool this fall. Or hot – it just depends on the conditions (weather). We will give you a preview of the new Weather app! What do you think? Can all other weather apps be removed from your iPhone now?

New Animated Wallpapers

The new animated wallpapers in Weather give you an instant impression of the weather in a particular location. There are now thousands of variations showing clouds, precipitation, and the current position of the sun.

almost a graph

weather app ios 15

The new Weather app displays the most important data related to conditions more clearly. The numbers before are now accompanied by pictures, which gives you more information at a glance. For example, perceived temperature, humidity, and wind direction.

air quality

Air quality weather app

How clean is the air in your area? The app shows you a scale from blue (clean) to purple (particularly bad). You will also receive tips on how best to deal with the conditions and pollutants in the air.

weather maps

weather maps ios 15

Large weather maps are available showing temperature, air quality and precipitation. If you open the precipitation map, you can also choose animated radar images. They show the course of the shower and its intensity.

Rain NotificationsRain Notifications

App makers like Buienradar and Buienalarm may be a little concerned about the radar images in the new Weather app. In addition, you can receive notifications when rain or snow begins, and when it stops. The job is not immediately available in the Netherlands, but will first be tested in Ireland and the United Kingdom, among other countries.

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The new iOS 15 weather app is coming this fall!

Apple announced iOS 15 in its WWDC keynote last Monday. The update has many new functions, and is free to download as of the fall (maybe September) for anyone with a suitable iPhone. Currently, the program is already being tested by developers.

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