‘Investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by former athletics coach’

'Investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by former athletics coach'

Sports coach and former national team coach Rana Rider has been linked to sexual misconduct. Watchman Wednesday reports that American Center for Safe Sports He investigates several allegations against him from the sports world. Between 2014 and 2018, Ryder from the United States worked for the Dutch Athletics Association as a national coach for sprinters. There he had the best athlete Daphne Schippers under his wing.

It is not known exactly what Ryder’s sexual misconduct was according to the allegations. The British Athletics Association has Watchman Athletes Adam Jamili and Daryl Neta have warned against training under Ryder’s auspices pending investigation. The coach himself tells the mediator that he is not aware of his research American Center for Safe SportsIt was founded by a protection organization with the aim of combating abuse in sport.

Ryder is considered one of the best sprint trainers in the world. During the Tokyo Olympics, Rider coached Andre de Grasse to the gold medal in the 200 meters, while helping Schippers to the world title in 2017 over the same distance. In 2018, the American unexpectedly left the IAAF despite the contract continuing. The union reported at the time that Ryder decided to return to the United States due to family circumstances.

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