Intel paves the way for iPhone and Intel EVO mobile integration

Intel paves the way for iPhone and Intel EVO mobile integration

In the past few hours at CES 2022, Intel announced the new generation of the premium brand Intel EVO, according to which laptops with certain features in hardware and software (we talked about it in detail) can receive a certificate of fitness from the company. Compared to the previous generation, there are some new features, including Support for foldable devices and WiFi 6E standard, but, this is not every thing. For the first time, a form of Integration between Windows PCs and Apple devices Come on Apple Watch e iPhone.

The move isn’t surprising if we think that last year Intel gained control of Screenovate, the platform that has been working on support and integration solutions for mobile devices, both Android and iOS, and Windows PCs.

The demonstration was fleeting, in fact, we only saw a short clip during the presentation at CES 2022. But the possibility is there, since, as we’ve seen, the new tool promises the ability to access your iPhone text messages from a computer, to iMessage data, as well as to data from the Health app, and even data from a connected Apple Watch.

Rather than being a promising technology, it is unfortunate that at the moment it is not possible to determine whether it will ever see the light of day. Reason? Intel plans to work with partners, including Apple, but the Cupertino company’s position is unclear and knowing the precedents, it is unlikely to give its support to a non-proprietary solution. We leave you to watch the video of Intel’s conference yesterday, namely at 21 minutes, when we talked about the new Intel EVO integration technology.

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