IndyCar driver VeeKay: ‘Hard driving brought Verstappen here’

IndyCar driver VeeKay: 'Hard driving brought Verstappen here'

The battle in Formula 1 between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton keeps people busy and not only in Holland, England and Abu Dhabi, the venue for the action in the last race of the season.

The Formula 1 season finale is also an important topic of conversation in the US, says IndyCar driver Rinus van Kalmthout, aka Rinus VeeKay.

“I noticed that the place here is alive,” said Van Calmuthot, who will be back from America for a while Sunday and will follow the race at home in the Netherlands. But he also manages to follow the actions of Verstappen well in America, where the IndyCar races are held. “Inside the team, we always have Formula 1, even when we have a race.”

Max wants a fair fight.

Verstappen and Hamilton tied for points with the Grand Prix remaining. The Dutch Red Bull driver has the advantage that he has one more win to his name. If both do not advance in points, the world title will be for Verstappen.

VeeKay doesn’t think Verstappen will intentionally push Hamilton off the track for this reason. “Max wants to win at any cost, but I think he just wants a fair fight for the title. He’s also said before that his life wouldn’t change much if he became a champion or not. Pushing someone off the track is Plan Z.”

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