Inbal Academy: From Chef to Solar Technician in Four Weeks

Enpal is growing rapidly, mainly due to self-trained mechanics. They often change their careers and are trained in a short time in the in-house academy.

The noise in the hall is deafening. Everywhere there are men, strapped to fall protection systems, climbing over roof tiles, drilling and screwing around the metal bars. Under real conditions, it would be several meters high, on the roofs of private clients. Here, at the academy of solar energy startup Enpal in Dahlewitz, Brandenburg, the surfaces on which would-be mechanics ride shiny black panels are laid out on the ground for training.

On their lunch break, the men free themselves from their safety gear. So does Ahmed Daqqa. The 23-year-old and his teammates are participating in their second week of training to become a capital fitter in Inbal. The term DC stands for direct current, i.e. direct current, and refers to all components of the solar system upstream from the inverter. Daqqa is about to finish training: two weeks at the academy, then he goes to the real construction site for another two weeks with a mobile coach at his side.

More than 1,000 craftsmen are on duty for Enpal

The academy is an integral part of the expansion strategy of Solar Unicorn Inbal, which leases PV systems to its customers and builds them on the rooftop. According to the startup, more than 1,000 technicians and electricians have been trained and employed across Germany, and more than 100 are expected to be added each month. According to the March rating by the Financial Times, Enpal is the fastest growing energy company in Europe. Target turnover for the current year: 340 to 400 million euros, thus three times what it was in the previous year.

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