Ina Garten swears by these store-bought items for their recipes

Ina Garten has been cooking for fans – and her husband Geoffrey – on the Food Network for nearly two decades. She tends to stick to simple recipes that any home chef can try on their own, and that way you hate relying on handcrafted everything. Garten swears by several store-bought items to give her dishes all the flavor they need.

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Ina Garten makes grocery shopping simple

Garten spends most of her time in the Hamptons, and while supporting local businesses in the area, she does not like creating a grocery list that would require her to go to the many specialty stores. Garten has said in the past that she enjoys using store-bought ingredients that can be bought at a regular grocery store, because it makes the preparation process so much easier.

“I generally don’t use unusual ingredients that you only use once,” Garten told Bon Appétit in 2018. . “

Garten swears by these store-bought items to prepare the finest dishes

Garten may be one of the Food Network’s most famous chef, but she doesn’t exactly handcraft everything for every dish. They rely on store-bought items to keep their recipes easy enough to handle for any novice cook. When making a dessert, Garten always goes for the store-bought pound cake, which is topped with sherbet or ice cream. “You can make your own pound cake, but why do you?” She told the Food Network.

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In the garden
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Garten doesn’t always make its own sauce. She loves the high-quality, store-bought marinara sauce, which saves her tons of time on certain dishes. It also does not make its own mayonnaise or curd; You can also find store-bought caramel and chocolate sauce over ice cream. “The store-bought chocolate sauce is a staple of my brownie brownie and egg cream in New York,” she said.

Garten is also a fan of frozen vegetables, which you care about when you incorporate it into dishes or even use it as a simple side. She doesn’t make her own pie, either. She said, “I always buy ready-made puff pastry and phyllo dough for sweet and savory pies and appetizers.” “I mean, why would you do that?”

Garten likes to recreate simple dishes

Those who have seen the Garten show know that it does not specialize in sophisticated and high-quality dishes. A spinach and cheese soufflé is the perfect example of taking something complicated and breaking it down for those at home to comprehend it. Additionally, the Food Network shared their garlic and herbal roasted shrimp, and grilled lemon chicken in a skillet, which consists of just 10 ingredients each.

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