In Spain everything is right for Miller: “I need to pressure to perform” | Other sports

In Spain everything is right for Miller: "I need to pressure to perform" |  Other sports

GP SpainIn ninth and third place, for Jack Miller, the start of the season in MotoGP was downright disappointing. This changed at the end of last week. And the Australian booked a surprise victory in Spain.

The time difference can be annoying at times, but it can also be an advantage every now and then. When Jack Miller crossed the finish line in Jerez, Spain this afternoon, it was too late in his home country of Australia. Time to go to bed down? I do not think so! To wrap up the weekend, Miller’s family and fans had plenty of reasons for one last drink. The driver, who seemed emotional afterwards, said, “I wish my dad was with me here on the track, of course.” “I cannot describe how I am feeling now. All feelings are mixed.”

Jack Miller, 26, has been playing for the Ducati Factory teams since this season. In the run-up to the inaugural race, his name was referred to as a “potential world champion”. Miller was not shy about the accompanying pressure. “We are in a good position to compete for the championship. Above all, it will be extremely important to keep performing consistently,” he said in an interview with Eurosport a few weeks ago. “I need to push for the performance. It’s also just part of it. If you don’t perform, your best dreams can become your worst nightmare.”

Quarteraro (front). © Agence France-Presse

This sweet dream came true in 2016: Miller scored his first MotoGP victory in the brilliant TT Assen race. The promotion this season for the Ducati Factory Team was also a highlight. But the first three races of this season turned out to be that nightmare. Miller did not reach ninth place twice in Qatar and withdrew from Portugal two weeks ago.

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Everything was fine in Spain. Starting in the third place, it turned out to be a perfect race for the winner Miller, as well as for his teammate Francesco Bagnia who finished second. So the Ducati team was able to celebrate several parties after that. Bagnaia took the lead in the World Cup standings from Fabio Quartararo, who was unable to maintain the lead during the race and eventually crossed the finish line in thirteenth place.

And Miller? With his victory, he rose to sixth place in the World Cup standings. While it is no longer possible to perform consistently for an entire season, the sun has been shining for Miller again since last weekend. With a broad smile and a bottle of champagne, he totally relishes success on stage. And Down Under also took one last night’s cup.

Jack Miller.
Jack Miller. © Agence France-Presse

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