In New York, basically athletic impatience

In New York, basically athletic impatience

Kevin Durant is one of the top favorites in the NBA with the Brooklyn Nets next season.AP . image

With twelve professional clubs, spread across five different sports, and the most championships won of any American city, New York City is statistically the sports heart of the United States. But it hasn’t been won in years. The drought is approaching a decade and is the second longest in the city’s history. However, better times seem to be coming.

It’s quiet in the Canyon of Heroes, the stretch of South Manhattan Avenue where every parade in the city’s history, including sports teams, is marked in concrete, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Those who achieve something special will get a view among the skyscrapers.

In 2019, the women of the US soccer team, the freshmen of the world championships, were the ones who fell for the scraps.


The last time a team from New York gave a ceremonial welcome was some time ago. In early 2012, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, the final of the American football season. New York managed to add another title, number 61 in total, which includes the sport of American football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball and soccer.

Only Boston, with 40 championships, is still fairly close to its historically Southern rival.

Since the Giants celebrated their championship, no team from New York has won the league. Only between 1906 and 1923 did the drought last longer than the current nine years, when the New York Giants, a baseball team that later moved to San Francisco, went without a title for 16 years.

Baseball was the only professional sport at the time, and now New York clubs are vying for prizes in five different professional leagues. At least, on paper. The big is the slump in American football, the Giants have fallen since their last championship and the New York Jets have been the laughing stock of the NFL for years – the club’s last title dates back to 1969.


Basketball then? The New York Knicks last season reached the playoffs for the first time since 2013 and were celebrated by hungry fans. After winning the first round, a frenzied crowd took over 7th Avenue, the street in front of the famous Madison Square Garden. After three matches, the club was eliminated.

Knicks supporters await their first championship since 1973. The New York Women’s Liberty, one of the first clubs in the WNBA in 1997, failed to find success and were eliminated from the playoffs last week.

Rangers and Gelanders

Ice hockey clubs New York Rangers and Islanders have been waiting 27 and 38 years respectively for a new championship, and in the relatively new football leagues, New York City Football Club, New York Red Bulls and New York Gotham (women’s) could not break a sweat. .

Yankees to Mets

In the coming weeks, hopes rest on the New York Yankees baseball club who provided by far the city’s greatest athletic success with 27 championships. After 2009, no more titles were won, no matter how much the club’s owners kept spending money.

Also this year, the Yankees were initially one of the top favorites, but after a mixed season, the star lineup – second most expensive, behind the Los Angeles Dodgers – has been battling for a place in the playoffs in the past few weeks. In the Queens area, the New York Mets rival have been disappointed this season, as they often do, despite an ambitious new owner and a hefty salary budget.

It’s hard to pinpoint a definitive reason why the New York Teams Award search failed. Each club has its own problems, whether it’s the mismanagement of the boards of directors or the lofty, unrealistic ambitions of wealthy owners who are dazzled by the city’s grandeur.

In New York City, people think big, but not always wisely. Sometimes drivers and supporters seem to be impatient.


Such was the case with the Brooklyn Nets, the city’s second basketball club to move from New Jersey to the Brooklyn area in 2012. The then-NBA’s ugly duckling wanted to make a splash and jeopardize his future in an exchange for two miserable Boston Celtics stars, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The team never came close to a championship and then had to pick up the pieces for years.

The Nets are currently the biggest trump to end the drought in New York. And the team that includes the star trio Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden is the frontrunner for the championship next season.

There are bright spots elsewhere, too. The Yankees are still Yankees, and the Mets can also be expected to have some success in the coming years, the Islanders top the NHL ice hockey league and the New York Liberty basketball club has the talent of Sabrina Ionescu. Even the Knicks paved the way after years of mismanagement.

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