In Mali, an investigation has been opened for “endangering the security of the state”

In Mali, an investigation has been opened for "endangering the security of the state"

On Monday, December 28, Financial Justice announced the opening of an investigation Assault on state securityFor the first time, it confirmed that it suspects the involvement of recently arrested figures in a project to destabilize institutions, four months after the coup that ousted President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

“After the reports of the security services were condemned of attacks on state security, a preliminary investigation was opened at the level of the Judicial Investigation Department of the National Gendarmerie.”Bamako Prosecutor Mamoudou Kasuji said in a statement. Concerned Persons (…) It was made available to this unit for investigation purposes. “ World Health Organization “Currently underway”, he added.

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Mr. Kassogué is the first official figure to report the arrest of half a dozen figures since December 21 by the General Directorate of State Security (DGSE). The most prominent figure cited by the Prosecutor is the activist and star radio broadcaster Muhammad Yusef Batheili, known as “Ras Bath”, who is very popular with youth.

The half-brother of former Prime Minister Bobo Cisse, Ogibo Tal, or Secretary-General of the Presidency, Sekou Traore, is also on the list of people targeted by the investigation. Bobo Cisse, the last prime minister under President Keita, on December 23 officially denied any involvement in a project to destabilize transitional institutions that was supposed to return civilians to power within eighteen months.

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On December 24, unknown gunmen searched Mr. Cisse’s home in Bamako in his absence, according to his lawyer.

The NGO announced that the arrested persons received on December 24 and 27 a visit to the gendarmerie camp by a delegation from the Association for Human Rights in Mali (AMDH). They must be brought quickly to the prosecutor, who can decide whether or not to charge them, or even remand them.

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