Ilott: ‘Big injustice if Piastre loses from F1 grid in 2023’

Ilott: 'Big injustice if Piastre loses from F1 grid in 2023'

A motorsport ladder that has all sorts of entry categories into F1 no longer deserves a cut in the nose if Oscar Piastre can’t secure a seat in the Formula 1 grid before 2023. wrote that from the mouth of IndyCar driver Calum Ilott. Despite the support of Ferrari and his second place in the Formula 2 championship, he was not able to reach the first class in motorsport.

However, these results are nothing compared to what Biastery has accomplished. The young Australian has won the title in three different entry classes over the past three years; Formula Renault Eurocup, Formula 3 and Formula 2. Due to the lack of opportunities in Formula 1, the 20-year-old talent now has to be content with a place on the reserve bench at Alpine. A lost year threatens Piastre.

Elliot has a hard time understanding this. The Briton says that this motorsport ladder is worth nothing even if someone like the Piastri didn’t make it. “I would be very surprised if Oscar doesn’t secure a seat in the 2023 race before the end of this year. A year off can still be taken, but not two. It would be a huge injustice to the entry classes and the motorsport ladder if Oscar is in 2023. Missing from the Formula 1 network.

In his battle to get to the top, Ilot now escapes to America. “There are only 20 seats in Formula 1, some of which are reserved for drivers who have earned their lines for a long time. And they are expensive, expensive for teams and expensive for sponsors. It is not always possible to fit the package together. In this sense, it is an individual sport and for young people like me, it is an individual process of figuring out how her job “.

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At Juncos Hollinger Racing, he could prove himself in the IndyCar series in 2022. His place in the Ferrari Drivers Academy is temporary. I’m waiting situation. “IndyCar represents a new beginning for me and I’m taking it as a great opportunity,” said Ilott. “Now I hope to build a great career in the United States, and that’s how honest I am with myself.”

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